Waring Historical Library Inaugural Theses

The 1,858 inaugural medical theses in the Waring Historical Library collection are, in the words of John Harley Warner, "one of the finest extant collections of antebellum American medical theses."

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Organogeny or the science of organisation


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the hypothetical speculations inherent to the nature of the research have too often been substituted for that more logical and inductive method originating in an attentive observation of facts.

In so difficult a problem, both terms of the comparison being unknown, it has almost been impossible not to enlist in the cosmological system of the philosophers of old, and the doctrine of pantheism, towering up like a barrier between the dictates of conscience and the operations of reason, had accordingly often been revived to transport us over a chasm inaccessible to man.

It seems to have been forgotten, by those who are disinclined to admit any identity in the vital and mental principles, that we must first determine the nature of the one which is the more accessible to our means of investigation, so as to possess a term by which we may look in the comparison for their identity or non-identity; and either adopt a doctrine detrimental to the very principles of the science of Physiology, or discovering the difference refer the one to that presentiment which recognizes its essence, while we submit the other to the crucible of experimental research. It is only, then, since the tenor of research has been directed to the

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