Waring Historical Library Inaugural Theses

The 1,858 inaugural medical theses in the Waring Historical Library collection are, in the words of John Harley Warner, "one of the finest extant collections of antebellum American medical theses."

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[On cynanche trachealis]


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Cynanche Trachealis, Trachtis, Croup Cynanche trachealis may be defined; an inflam = mation of the glottis, larynx, and upper part of the trachea, attended with hoarse and ringing cough, sonorous respiration, and a sense of suffocation. Eberls Home seems to have been the first, who gave a full and accurate description of this disease, in the year seventeen hundred and sixty five. Although it was not accurately described as a separate and distinct disease until the time of Home, yet, it does not seem to me that it can be one of so late an origin, since the causes must have existed from the earliest times.

Of the long catalogue of human mallodies, there is none so heart rending to the physic = ian, as the one I am now endeavoring to treat, to see a blooming child struggling in the

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