Waring Historical Library Inaugural Theses

The 1,858 inaugural medical theses in the Waring Historical Library collection are, in the words of John Harley Warner, "one of the finest extant collections of antebellum American medical theses."

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also often inflamed and swolen.

Post mortem examination. _ The appearances after death varies with the duration of the disease. If death has taken place early in the disease, the mucous membrane of the glottis, larynx, and trachea, is very much swolen and infected, but if it has con = tinued for some days; a thick tenacious mucus is thrown out, and is found adhering to the walls of the trachea in flakes, or in the shape of a complete tube, or in a solid mass. There is also as mentioned by some, ulceration of the surface in cases connected with sore throat.

Prognosis. _ is generally favourable. Cynanche trachealis although very alarming, is, if seen early in its progress, almost completely under the control of the proper remedies.


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